We’re Excited to Be Open Again

This video, by the Santa Clara County Dental Society, shows you the types of things to expect during your next visit to our office.

While some things have changed, the most important thing is still the same; our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, families, staff, and community.

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Message from Dr. Cun, DDS

We’re excited to be open and I look forward to seeing everyone in person again!

Because we are deeply committed to keeping everyone safe, while our office was closed, we made significant modifications to our procedures and office space. One of the most exciting changes at Artisan Family Dental is that we now have the ability to meet online via our HIPPA compliant, tele-health portal. To schedule a virtual appointment, simply request a Virtual Consultation via our Contact Page.

If you would like to schedule a routine cleaning or re-schedule an appointment cancelled due to the Covid closure I encourage you to call the office.

I personally appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience during the weeks we were closed and for your help to minimize the impact on our community and health resources. As we move forward, please rest assured that we will continue to maintain compliance with the latest health and safety recommendations. You mean the world to us.

- Dr Karen Cun, DDS

What We Ask of You

Please understand that we currently have a “No Handshake Policy.”

We ask that you thoroughly review the “COVID-19 Protocols” info-graphic above and call the office ahead of your appointment if you have questions.

Please CALL us when you are in the parking lot. Please leave the number for the cell phone you have with you if you get the machine. We may be with a patient when you arrive.

Please WAIT in your car until we call you and say that we are ready for you to enter.

If you need a mask or hand-sanitizer, please let us know when you call to let us know you’re in the parking lot and we will have them for you at the door.

While in the office, please use a tissue if you need to cough, sneeze, or blow your nose. After you throw the tissue away, we ask that you wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer, using soap and water. Remember your thumbs, backs of hands, and between fingers. You may also use hand sanitizer with a 60% alcohol concentration in lieu of washing your hands. Please ask, we have hand sanitizer if you need it.

Reasons to Reschedule Your Appointment

If you have had fever, a persistent cough, or have felt unwell within the two weeks leading up to your appointment, let us know. We understand that allergies happen, however, out of an abundance of caution, we may need to reschedule. Please call the office to discuss.

If you have a fever, a persistent cough, or if you are not feeling well, please reschedule.

If you have traveled outside of U.S. within two weeks prior to your appointment, please call the office and reschedule your appointment. Visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html

Things We Do to Care for You

FIRST & FORMOST - If any staff member has ANY symptoms of a cold or flu, they are not permitted to enter the building. For the safety of our patients and others on our staff, we advise them to stay at home.

We take care to wipe down all the surfaces that you or our staff would touch during the course of your visit. All have been cleaned and thoroughly disinfected with a medical grade disinfectant, specifically formulated to kill 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria. This includes the dental chair and light, sink and countertop, cabinets, fixtures, and drawer handles.

After each patient visit, we dispose of all protective equipment coverings, the surface cleaned and sanitized, and then we adhere a fresh protective covering.

As always, all disposable dental tools, needles, bibs, and other single-use products are discarded in medical receptacles for proper handling. They are never reused.

Permanent, non-disposable tools and equipment are cleaned and sterilized between each patient. As always, we use hospital-grade sterilization equipment and in light recent events, we have added additional procedures to this processes. Our equipment carefully maintained, monitored, and tested to insure it meets our exacting standards.

The Artisan Family Dental staff wears appropriate protective equipment: mask, gloves, gown, and protective eyewear and/or face-shield.

After each patient, each member of our staff who interacted with the patient, carefully disposes of single-use items, disinfects their hands, and puts on a new pair of gloves and mask. Personal Protective Equipment (like gloves, masks, face shields, eyewear, and gowns) is generally referred to as “PPE.” It is used to protect you as the patient as well as our staff. While you may not see much of us, you can trust that we are under there and we are VERY happy to see you in the chair!

Multiple times throughout the day, we clean and disinfect our office:

Admin Area - Computer, keyboard, printer, phones, pens, light switches, etc

Patient Reception Area - Counter, plexiglass, doors/door handles, furniture, and light switches

Common Areas - Bathroom and pass-through spaces

Staff Only Areas - Equipment room, break room, supply room, laundry room

We have a specific protocol for safely handling incoming mail, packages, and other deliveries throughout the day.


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